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WORCESTER Bosch unveils its new range of boilers.

Worcester has formally launched its new greener range called "Greenstar Lifestyle" at the Bosch UK Innovation Hub. The top Interior Designer Sophie Robinson was employed to unveil the new range of products, which heve been in the design stage for over 8 years. Available as both a combi boiler system and regular boiler system, they are much cheaper to run and competitevely priced. The new system boilers feature state of the art technology such as touch screen controls and are fully smart compatible for use with in house technology.

Sophie Robinson, of BBC 2's Great Interior Design Challenge said: "In my 20 years of interior design experience, the boiler often crops up as a design crime, but not any more.

London’s Water Pipes Leak Over 36,000 Times In Six Years

Water company data shows how in the last six years, londons water pipes have leaked over 36,000 times. In some streets, pipes have leaked over 30 times between 2011 and 2018.

Recent works to replace the Victorian era piping are hoped to reduce and prevent major incidents before they happen.

It appears the constant leaking has caused issues for some London basements. The damp means business owners in Hammersmith have had to abandon refurbishment plans for their basements.

Over the last year and the next two years, Thames Water will spend over £200m finding and fixing leaks.

For a fast fix to a water leak in Finchley, get in touch with North London Plumbing today.

Boiler Plus has arrived

The new legislation for Boiler Plus encourages energy efficiency by mandating requirements for heating systems.

Announced in October 2017, the policy was released on the 6th April. Boiler Plus requires a new minimum performance standard for domestic gas boilers in homes in England.

The aim is to phase out poorly performing products across a range of products to reduce carbon emissions throughout Europe. The EU has a 2020 target for reducing emissions which this policy hopes to make a big step towards.

The legislation also requires all new combination boilers to include one of the following within their system

  • Flue gas heat recovery systems
  • Load Compensation
  • Smart controls including optimisation and automation functions
  • Weather Compensation

The legislation hopes to encourage homeowners to make informed decisions about the products that best fit their needs.

To find out what products best fit your needs, talk to the Plumbers of North London for advice.

What to expect from your Gas Safe Engineer

A useful guide has just been published by the HHIC (Heating and Hot Water Industry Council) setting out industry best practice for boiler servicing. Aimed at consumers it emphasises the need to use a Gas Safe Registered engineer for any work and sets out a 10 point ‘Customer service charter’ which clearly lays down the steps an engineer should take and what a customer can expect from their gas engineer.

The HHIC consumer guide to gas boiler servicing is available from your local Gas Safe Registered engineer, make sure you ask for your copy, for a fast reliable local Plumber in Wood Green Call us on 07951 521281.

How to combat condensation in the home.

Homeowners are being asked to try to reduce condensation this winter within their properties, as this is a leading cause on mould and can lead to damp issues.

  • Everyone can help reduce moisture levels in the home by following these steps:-
  • Don’t let kettles boil for too long
  • Cover all pans when cooking
  • Leave spaces between wardrobes and walls
  • Close Kitchen and Bathroom doors when not in use
  • Open windows when having a bath or shower
  • Dry Clothes outdoors
  • Turn the Central heating up a little

Homeowners not carrying out regular safety checks.

Homeowners appear to be putting themselves at risk by not carrying out regular, simple gas safety checks. Worcester Boilers surveyed many homeowners across the country, they found that 27% of them do not get their boilers serviced at least once a year.

The report highlighted the fact that most homeowners did check their smoke alarm once a year, but did not check the CO alarm. Of the homeowners who did carry out an annual service, 34% did not ask their engineer to show their Gas Safe card. For more information on gas safety, smoke alarms or Boiler repairs in Finchley and North London, call us today.

Honeywell the heating and security supplier has added a new product to its 'Lyric' range of connected appliances. As consumers begin to realise the cost saving benefits of controlling their equipment via their smart phone or computer the application of this technology into our everyday lives is gaining pace.

The latest addition is an app that will warn you if one of your connected devices is leaking, or if there is a danger of a pipe burst due to a drop in the temperature. Being able to act quickly in such an event can obviously prevent untold damage to your property and costly repair bills. Speak to your local Honeywell Plumbing Specialist who can give you advice on the latest technology and cost effective information on installing a new energy efficient boiler of under-floor heating system, or call 07951 521281 for Plumbers in Finchley.

Vaillant changes

Vaillant has announced a new strategy to help enable the business to respond to the changing needs of specific markets. They will use the brands Vaillant and Glow-worm, to offer a wider product portfolio and greater customer support. It will try to re-position Vaillant as a premium brand, and will increase its marketing support to grow its prominence within the industry. It will continue to offer innovative products for installers, Vaillant's portfolio will be increased to offer dedicated products and support to the new build, social housing and renewables markets.

Glow-worm will now focus on the installer market by maximising its merchant partnerships to offer simple, product ranges including exclusive boilers in its installer loyalty programme, called Club Energy. Merchants will be offerred a recognised and trusted brand at highly competitive prices, while installers will have access a wider choice of Vaillant Group products in response to their customers' budgets and needs. For all Boiler repairs in North London call us today.

Don't forget to check your appliances are Gas Safe?

When you have your boiler serviced make sure you get your appliances safety checked too.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a very real danger which is often overlooked. Monoxide gas is invisible so you cannot detect it by taste or smell, which means you may not know it is present.

The following checklist will help you identify any danger signs.
brown staining on or around your gas boiler, water heater or fire
Pilot lights and other gas flames should always be blue in colour.
Yellow or orange flames
Pilot lights that frequently blow out
Excessive condensation in the room where your appliance is sited

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can sometimes be mistake for flu symptoms as the effects are similar. Think about whether it is only you that is affected, if it is carbon monoxide poisoning other people in your household will be suffering too, including your pets! Do you suffer with headaches only during the winter, when the heating is on? Do you feel better when you aren't at home?

There are six main symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Breathlessness
  • Nausea
  • Collapse
  • Loss of consciousness

Employ a Gas Safe engineer to check your appliances. Fit a carbon monoxide alarm – similar to a smoke alarm and be aware of the dangers, or call us today for a free monoxide test or if you require any Plumbing in Finchley.

Home Repairs take a back seat

WaterSafe, the national plumbing assurance scheme has discovered that despite the upturn in the economy homeowners are choosing to spend any spare funds they have on treating themselves rather than investing in home repairs. Their survey reveals that 87% of British people have less disposable income by around £222 a month compared to five years ago. Figures show that 68% say that they have had to put vital maintenance on hold for at least a year, while 12% haven't had any work done on their home for over 4 years. Of those interviewed 50% said they would put off repairing any faulty work at home for as long as possible, including a major plumbing problem due to the cost.

It seems their priorities lie with rewarding themselves rather than maintaining their property. Most homeowners – around 69% think it is more important us use their spare cash to treat themselves rather than repairing their home. Over 39% would rather have a holiday, 30% would choose to eat out and 24% use their money for beauty treatments. Julie Spinks, from WaterSafe, said: "Our survey results are very concerning. As the economy gradually picks up, it is easy to see why homeowners would prefer to spend their limited spare cash on treating themselves. However, safety in the home and addressing essential maintenance should be a priority and cannot be compromised. If a plumbing issue, for example, is left unattended, homeowners not only run the risk of unsafe water posing a danger to their family but the issue could escalate, leading to thousands of pounds in essential repair work." If you have an emergency and quickly require Plumbers in Finchley please call us 24 hours a day.

CIPHE Backs Campaign for Change in Carbon Monoxide Law

Around 40 people die accidentally from carbon monoxide poisoning every year in England and Wales. Around 4,000 people are admitted to hospital with symptoms of the poisoning, which can often lead to strokes and brain damage, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) are backing plumb Centre and Honeywell (a leading manufacturer of carbon monoxide alarms) in their campaign to change the law; requiring any place where a carbon-burning appliance is installed, to have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted. This is already the law in Scotland and Northern Ireland but is sadly lacking in England and Wales – something that the campaign is aiming to change. It is impossible to sense carbon monoxide. It has no smell, taste and it cannot be seen. This is why it's known as a 'silent killer'. The only way to tell if there is a carbon monoxide leak in the home is with a tester; this is why an alarm is essential. According to the Department for Communities and Local Government, around 84% UK homes have smoke detectors, but only about 15% have carbon monoxide alarms.

The CEO of CIPHE, Kevin Wellman, has fully thrown his support behind the campaign, which is principally being run as an online petition to put pressure on the government. "We would like to urge as many people as possible to sign the e-petition to force a debate in the House of Commons on this issue," said Mr Wellman. "CO alarms cost around £25, a pittance when you think they could save a life, or prevent serious illness. If enough people sign the petition the government will have to listen, as the last thing anyone wants is public safety and welfare to be compromised."

Gail van Dijk explains that "We've been overwhelmed by the support from trade bodies, boiler manufacturers, politicians and ordinary people. Now we must convert that support into names on our petition. We hope that as an industry we can come together, and stop these needless deaths."

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can often be confused with those of flu – nausea, headaches, dizziness, breathlessness and it can eventually lead to collapsing and loss of consciousness. Anyone experiencing these sensations should check the carbon monoxide levels and appliances urgently. Some people believe that funny tastes in the mouth and memory loss are symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning but they are not. Carbon monoxide leakage can be avoided by having appliances regularly tested and serviced. This doesn't mean that carbon monoxide alarms are not needed however. A good plumber can service these appliances and make homes safer, and ensure that the carbon monoxide alarm never sounds. For those requiring reliable plumbing in Finchley, or plumbers in Enfield, North London Plumbing offer a quality, professional service with experienced plumbers, 24 hours a day.

Worcester launches revolutionary new Combi boiler

Worcester, Bosch Group has just launched its most efficient and revolutionary new Combi Boiler to its already award winning Boilers. The new Combi boiler is a gas-fired Greenstar CDi Compact and as the name suggests is one of the smallest boilers on the market, giving reduced dimensions with high performance, outstanding efficiency and low emissions. Worcesters' new CDi Compact gives homeowners the flexibility to place the unit in very small spaces and freeing up extra room in small kitchens or fitting in really unusual spaces in a cloakroom or utility room.

Martyn Bridges, who is the Director of marketing and technical support at Worcester, commented: "We are sure the Greenstar CDi Compact will prove a hit with homeowners, particularly those with properties where space has to be used cleverly, Its smaller dimensions give a broader scope for where it can be fitted yet, by including the latest technology, it is still able to efficiently meeting a high demand for heating and hot water." This new addition is part of the company's Greenstar range, which scooped an impressive Which report award for its gas-fired models earlier in the year, positioning Worcester at the top of the polls.